18 February 2006

Oh, We are Ashamed!

It's been very nearly a month (will be, tomorrow) since I've updated. Not for lack of desire to do so, though. Graduate school dug its claws in, and dug in hard. This is why I'm not an Olympian. *sigh* It's an awesome idea, though, and you wonderful peoples are doing such ambitious projects! Adrian has her lovely Highland Norsk, Colleen the modified Spring Breeze Top, Stephanie the Hardangervidda (which looks quite dangerous), and 4,000 more have their projects!

I'm an Olympian in spirit, though--I've been watching a lot of the Olympics (who knew curling was so addictive?), and working on a knit hat for a friend of mine in med school. I was lucky enough to stumble across one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Evergreen in the bargain bin of my LYS, Spin a Yarn. I'm (hopefully) stretching it into full hat length--in her Dublin Beanie pattern, Kel over at y(e)arn noted that the Cashmerino can end up a few yards short--by knitting the ribbed bottom (which folds up) in some Gray Knitpicks Alpaca Silk leftover from the Under the Hoodie. I'm getting ready to do the decreases at the top of the hat, so we'll see how my gamble pays off.

I'm still working, very slowly, on Vigdis. It's knitting I can't do if I want to pay attention to other things, so that leaves me without a whole lot of opportunity there. I am, however, skipping town for Spring Break in a few weeks, so hopefully I can get a good portion of the back done.

And now it's time to read. Because I'm an English major and that's all I'm allowed to do.

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Laura said...



Spring Break travel! (Where ya going? Coming anywheres near me?)

And don't be ashamed, mate. That you find time at all for your projects is admirable. Doctor of philosophy, my arse. "PhD" stands for timesink, if ya ask me. :-P