12 April 2006

Spring Knitty!

I keep meaning to update, but now the Spring Knitty issue is up, and I can't tear myself away long enough to fight with the digital camera just now. I will say that I've been making slow (very slow) but sure progress on the back of Vigdis. I think I'm going to miss my window for wearing it as a spring jacket (as in, missing my window by several months, really), but I still like the yarn and I love the pattern more every day. One thing I can't seem to get the hang of is cabling without a cable needle. I've tried it a few times on Vigdis, since it's cable city, but I lose stitches, things get pulled wonky...it's a mess. So I keep on with my curvy cable needle and wish it were quicker, but I really do like the security of knowing that those stitches aren't going anywhere.

I have the urge to knit ice cream pint cozies. I probably ought to put that on a set of DPNs and use it as TV knitting or walking knitting since Vigdis requires my attention fully and completely every other row. I have some sock yarn, but I want to make some pretty patterned socks this time and I haven't the energy to fuss with a new pattern and Vigdis at the same time. I keep flirting with the Jaywalker socks, but I don't know. I'm not sure if the yarn I chose would look nice with the pattern or not...it's that black and white Sockenwolle a few posts down. I'm open for suggestions if anyone has any.

Also: baseball season has started. I think that will help me a great deal in knitting progress, not so much in progress with the end of the semester.

One last thing: Amy's new yarn store, Make 1 Yarn Studio, makes me want to move to Canada...not that I didn't want to move to Canada before, but this makes me want to move to that side of Canada. You know, where it's really cold. Did you ever see such a beautiful yarn store? Such awesome-sounding events?

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