11 May 2006

Startitis What?

Still too lazy to fight with Digicam. The difficulty is that this computer is so anciently slow that it takes me several minutes just to get through to this update page (I exaggerate not), so the process of uploading photos is gargantuan.

Since it's spring and I'm one paper and 40 portfolios-worth of grading away from summer freedom, I've decided to start a new project, one that I can work on while walking (the very long back of Vigdis, what with its bigness and cably goodness, is not that kind of project). And I've had that black and white Sockenwolle lying about. So I'm embarking upon my first set of toe-up socks (only second pair overall). I've cast on this morning, following Denise's Toe-Up Sock tutorial. I don't know who Denise is, but thank you, if you're out there, for great instructions! I've not decided what to do about the body of the sock yet. I'm fighting between a regular ribbing and something with a bit more bite to it. Just don't know. At the moment, I'm working most on yoking my anti-numbers brain into remembering how many rows I increased in and when I'm on a decrease row and when not. I ought to get a row counter in a big way.

This project may become car-knitting for the weekend, too, since we have a trip to near Philly on Saturday.

And I was probably supposed to leave for school half an hour ago, so this is me, signing off.