29 September 2006


It's been a long time. A really long time. I'm surprised they haven't kicked me out of the blogiverse, actually. Perhaps self-imposed exile is enough?

Though I obviously haven't been blogging, I have been knitting. In fact, I've been working on my first foray into knitted lace. I started with Eunny's amazingly wonderful Print O' the Wave Stole. I'm knitting it in KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud (what beautiful yarn and what suffering to hand-wind 440 yards of yarn at a time...). Yarn and pattern in my hands, of course, is probably massacreeing Eunny's lovely pattern, but this is a first attempt. And I am one of those knitters who can let a mistake go. Probably because my eyes aren't trained enough to really see them...we'll see when it's blocked. At the moment, I'm working the border (which seems to take a thousand years--I've been working on the border since the beginning of September), so the whole stole is a balled-up wad of smoky softness. But completely unidentifiable as lace just yet.

The original plan for this lace project was Holly having something beautiful and impressive to wrap about her at a very swanky wedding we went to on September 2. On September 1, I was just finishing the center panel. I didn't even get through the eyelet border before the end of the wedding weekend. *sigh* It really would have been perfect, too. My new goal is to get the stole finished by October 19, so that I can wear it to Writing By Degrees--BU's annual graduate-student run, globally-attended creative writers' conference. I'm one of this year's 3 co-directors, so I have to introduce one of our keynote speakers (which terrifies me). I'm hoping that finished lace around my shoulders (which will be freezing because Binghamton is already under frost advisory and it's not yet October) will give me a bit more social grace and eloquence. When I'm nervous, I'm Miss Malapromism. That's death to an English major. At the Ph.D. level. Which is me. *facepalm* So cross your fingers and say a prayer for me, yeah?

Even as I scramble to finish the lace, I wish, however, to start more lace. I bought the Ademas pattern from KnitPicks when I bought the yarn (if you're going to place an order, might as well be worth it...). I want to start it! But no. Finish one thing. Also, I've got to finish a baby blanket for a friend who's expecting. I dislike knitting baby items in public--people always assume it's for myself. Thank you, but no. For the love of God, NO! I want to hang a sign around my neck that says, "It's going to be a gift. Shut up."

I should go knit instead of blogging.

I should actually blog instead of intending to.

I should do so many things.