04 October 2006

What a horrid dream, or: why too much stress + knitting can be bad news

As posted earlier, I'm trying to finish Print O' the Wave by the 19th of October. And the edging is taking 1, 000 hours. And I have a Spanish exam coming up. Of course, that means that my dreams were plagued by failed knitting of epic proportions. I submit for your consideration this dream:

I dreamt that I had finished the stole (and was most ecstatic in my REM-land about this) and began the blocking process. That means the stole needs to soak for a while, and so I put my delicious ball of silvery-gray lacey goodness into the sink to soak. Upon returning, I find that my entire piece had turned fuschia (which is distinctly not gray and is as close to a color nightmare as could happen to this knitter), but in my dream I found that interesting despite the shock. And so I progressed to my bed (which will serve to block said stole when it's actually finished in real life) to set upon it with pins and patience, only to find that the stole had felted. It looked something like this, which is Amy's lovely felting project (picture it more fuschia, though). And it had felted from merino wool to silk. And was sheer, even see-through. Which would have been beautiful nonetheless (and I would have rejoiced at the magic sink and magic water)--except the dream-stole was the size of a handkerchief.

The horror! The horror!

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Sean said...

I wish I had been a knitter in graduate school! I might have been a much happier person, and maybe I would even have my Ph.D. today!

Great blog! I'm glad I stumbled across another over-educated knitter/Food Network fan...