29 December 2006

A little misty.

That's what I was after reading Stephanie's post about TSF. The world is lucky to have people devoted to such positive causes--I notice a lot of positive causes in the knitting blogiverse. There's TSF, Heifer International, the Dulaan project, tons that I'm sure I'm forgetting, and the smaller, more personal causes--Relays for Life, personal needs for ailing family and friends...there's so much work being done by so many people who could easily say that they haven't time for things like that.

Do you think it's because knitters can't stand to be doing only one (or thirty-seven) things at once? That we have a yen to see people properly warm (and, by extension, properly fed, cared-for, and loved)? Or is it just that wool (and silk and alpaca and tencel and bamboo and cotton and qiviut) really do make us better people than we are without them? (I know I feel most generous when I've got my paws in a pile of cushy, shiny softness--soft things make one's heart glad)

Brings me joy to be even the tiniest part of it.

Off to go play with Sinclair and maybe actually figure out this lace-weight spinning thing. It probably involves making a new drive band for the smallest & second-smallest whorls. *sigh* It's a good thing I'm filled with goodwill at the moment.

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