27 December 2006


Here we are, between the holidays. And, it seems, between everything else. I'm between taking photos--we forgot to take the camera back to Pennsylvania with us for Christmas, and I forgot to take a photo of the Super Seekrit Christmas knitting. It was a brown felted pot (think clay pot without handles; that's about right). And I knit one of those crazy Fun Fur scarves for the Christmas bingo pile. (What, you don't have Christmas bingo?)

In yarny present-hood, I got the lace flyer for Sinclair (which I begged for). I was noddling with it last night and the good news is that yes, it does make very tiny yarn. The bad news is that the adjusting and the fiddling and the frequent use of a screwdriver really hinders my ability to leap into my spinning. I am forced to trod sedately. I've never been good at treading sedately. Not treadling, mind you. The treadling is quick like lightning. It's the planning that gets me. The deliberateness of wanting to spin. And now if I want to go back to my other yarn (the lilac stuff), I gots to get out the screwdriver again. I just need another wheel, is all. *ducks and runs from the lightning bolts*

My dad, without knowing what he was even looking for (he just went and looked for knitting books--didn't bother to check my Amazon wishlist or anything), gifted me with the Indomitable Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules! and Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'd call that a success.

I was planning to ply (attempt to ply?) the teensy lacey bits of yarn from last night's adventure today, but I think that something else will have my attention today. I've got to check in on a friend who was in the hospital last night.

I hope the holidays (whichever you might celebrate, and if you're not celebrating, I hope late December is pleasant & joyful in a general way) were kind to you all, and best of luck deciding on those knitting resolutions. We've only got a few more days to pretend we'll buy less yarn and be more faithful to our projects.

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