14 December 2006


It's yarn! Well, actually, it's a single, spun from the merino/tencel fiber that posed with Sinclair in the last post. My goal is to spin up those three braids into varying combinations--some plied lilac to lilac, some lilac to midnight, some midnight to the variegated, etc., and see if I can't bash a big, cozy shawl out of it. I'm not yet jumping into spinning laceweight (though I'm hoping for the lace flyer for Christmas and laceweight is one of my goals) because I've had this fiber on hand for more than a year now (waiting not-so-patiently for a spinning wheel). And this fiber said, "Make us into a big, cozy thing," when I bought it. The fact that it wanted to be anything other than held on my lap and petted quite surprised me. (That's what I would have done with it, had the fiber not instructed me to do otherwise.)

In other parts of the life, I've also been baking. You know, since it's sugar-coma time. Lookit. Cookies:

They're my favorite Christmas cookie of all time, the Peanut Blossom. They're remarkably easy to make, one batch makes 3 dozen, and it's completely easy to eat all 3 dozen in 3 days. I'll be making more of these on Saturday.

I've begun some Super Seekrit holiday knitting, a felting experiment with the first of my Sinclair-spun yarn. (You'll see that yarn when the item is finished. The fiber was leftover from the Zoo spinning presentation disaster.)

Any thoughts on giving handspun yarn as a gift? I want to make some beautiful yarn that recollects the sea (the Pacific Northwest, to be exact) for a dear friend who is just getting into knitting. Any suggestions for fiber locating? HelloYarn, my favorite (and first) fiber source, sells out so very quickly. In an ideal world, I'd do the dyeing myself, but I think one new major crafting supply (Sinclair) is enough for one holiday. I love my husband, love him for splurging on a wheel when we could definitely have put that money elsewhere, and I think I'll try to limit my "ooh! I need that!" impulse for a while. And bribe him with cookies.

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