17 December 2006

Print o' the Wave Stole: Finally

She is finished! Finally. And I'll say this right away: don't look too closely--she's riddled with mistakes. As a first lace piece and as something I was trying to finish on a deadline, I just couldn't frog it back as often as I might have wanted to. I did have to do some serious tinking at times (not yet used to the teensy stitches and the fact that they don't look like much until stretched out), but it's far, far, far from perfect. The fun specs: knit in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud, color Smoke, on size 3 Inox circs. Took me every bit of two hanks (and I had to hand-wind those bitches into balls. Much cursing done there.), and I followed Eunny's pattern & blocking advice. It's a beautiful pattern, full of all of the instructions a complete n00b like me could want.

Have some detail photos:

This is one corner, showing my cheap solution to not knowing how to deal with the curved edging--I made it into pointy scallops. Now I just have to wait until it dries, and then I'm going to run around the house, trailing it behind me like fairy wings. Now that it's blocking and almost looks like it's supposed to look, I don't hate it anymore.

My next lace adventure will be Ademas, from Knitpicks, knit in Alpaca Cloud Stream. Someday, I'll spin enough laceweight to knit Icarus. But for now, I'm going to spend some quality time with Sinclair.


eunny said...

Oh, that is stunning - a wonderful color and yarn (and your edging corners look exactly like mine :)

MRS MJW said...

I really like the edging. It is lovely. If there are mistakes I can't see them. My grandmother used to purposely put mistakes in her quilts because she said she liked that the Amish did this in their quilts etc.. to honor God...in that...only God is perfect. So there you go. Are you Amish? JK. My family isn't. Lovely job.