04 December 2006

Stolen Time

This time is being bodily wrenched from writing two final papers (one of which is almost done but could be 12 pages of arriving at no actual point, which is a problem) that are due on Thursday. But I can't keep the excitement in.

I have a spinning wheel in the mail.

It's an Ashford Traveller.

When it arrives (I don't know if it's a he, she, or other--wouldn't know until we've officially met), there will be many pictures. And I might hyperventilate, too. This wheel is the only thing keeping me focused on the academic crap, because when it arrives, you can bet your booty that all else takes a back seat.

In other news, I finished the Print o' the Wave stole, but I may have to actually graft the join where I was a huge cheater and used a 3-needle bind-off. It's not blocked yet, but I know that corner's going to look stupid. *sigh* I didn't think I'd get to the point where I hated it, but I think I do. Hopefully we'll make up after blocking. (I hope to do the blocking when the finishing wax is soaking into the new wheel. Wouldn't want to get wax on the fiber, you know.)

You notice, of course, how the stole was in no way finished for Writing By Degrees? I got over that loss, because WBD was a huge success. I'm still trying to catch up with life after it, but it was fantabulous. Knitting writers, I hope to see you there next year.

I promise photos next week.

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