15 December 2006

Super Seekrit Christmas Knitting Part 1: Vanquished

I finished one Christmas object--the only one I was absolutely certain I was going to make--and it's currently drying, next to my betta fish, Clark. (He looks like Superman--all blue and red and fierce.) But, since it's seekrit, can't take a picture. I can tell you, though, that it's a felted item made from my very own handspun. The yarn I used is a two-ply Corriedale (in natural ecru) and Dark Welsh (a very pleasingly rich dark brown) and a little bit of HelloYarn hand-dyed merino that I spun on my very first drop spindle. (It was a Babe spindle, one of those jobbies with the red plastic discs. Totally functional, very resilient to being dropped on the floor a lot while I was learning. Pictures of my new(ish) sexy Cascade to come soon.)

I love felting. I don't do it in the washing machine, since I don't usually do laundry in hot water and I don't even know if there is hot water connected to the washing machine here. I just fill up the sink with bitchin' hot water, toss in the object and some Palmolive, and scrub away. Keeps my always-cold fingers nice and toasty, I can see exactly how much shrinkage is happening, and I can see any spots that aren't felting as vigorously as the rest and correct it. Also, as someone whose life is dedicated to sitting around with my face in a book, the vigorous hand-agitation is almost like a workout. (How very, very sad.)

Since the semester has ended, I've been much more active in terms of my blogging. I'm going to try to continue this trend, but I won't be so foolish as to make promises. We've done that before, and we've always been proved terrible liars. Of course, as a fiction writer, lying is kind of a trademark skill. Interesting. At any rate, my most current fiction project (a novel) is part and parcel of this very sheepy endeavor, so it's probably in my best interest to keep alive in the Blogiverse.

As I try to do that, expect catch-up knitting & spinning photos as a vain attempt to overcompensate for my habitual prolonged absences. As part of my overcompensatory plan, have a photo of lovely flowers from my November trip to Riverside, CA. I don't know what they are, but they were growing in the courtyard of the Mission Inn. (It's just beautiful. I didn't stay there--too swanky for TA salary--but I would have liked to.) The flowers aren't knitting; they're prettier than anything I knit. Hopefully, if you're caught in the northeast and the endless winter spiral of grey, they'll cheer you up a bit.

And have a tree, too. It's ours, procured from the local boyscout troupe, and we definitely need some larger ornaments.

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