08 January 2007

Obligatory New Year's Post

You know, why not do this now, when we're already a solid week in? (Note to self: resolving to procrastinate less will probably not work. Again.)

I am, of course, terrible at resolutions. You have seen me attempt to resolve to post here more often (which is working out well right now, but we'll see how things go once school starts again). And I always resolve to eat better and exercise more. The exercising part doesn't really work out for me so well, but in a general way, I'm eating better these days. Mostly because I've overcome my fear of rice (long story, but it's only been since November that I've eaten the food that sustains the majority of the world, and I've found it to be quite okay. No one told me that it doesn't really taste like anything, and so if you pair it with something tasty, it's quite awesome.) and I'm trying to cook new things. One can, in fact, get tired of cereal and pasta, and it helps that I'm trying to make sure that my husband gets his share of vegetables, too.

My biggest resolution every year, though, the one that really matters, is with regard to my writing. I always say I'm going to write more, but then life gets busy and that's the first thing to go. As a person getting my Ph.D. in, essentially, writing, this seems a bit peculiar, don't you think? And so that's my goal this year. I will not cut out my writing. I will cut out the other crap first. As my favorite teacher used to tell me, "You're a writer. You shouldn't care if you fail Biology." Well, that approach doesn't actually work (one can't get into the appropriate graduate programs without first graduating), but the sentiment behind it should. If there is a thing one is passionate about, one ought to allow oneself to be passionate about it. So, I'm going to try.

The writing has gone well so far. I've been doing it each weekday morning since the New Year's guests have gone, and today I think I got nearly 10 pages.

In other news, yarny news, I'm having problems finishing that Vigdis sleeve. I held it through most of the Jets/Patriots game yesterday, and then I knit one of those crazy novelty yarn scarves during the Eagles/Giants. (A Christmas gift for someone who had very poor luck in our Christmas bingo.) If I buckled down and knit that sleeve, it's probably only an hour's worth of solid knitting. But it's killing me. Beige stockinette. This afternoon, I'm actually planning on knitting myself a crazy novelty scarf to go with my new coat. (I got some ridiculously soft Patons Carmen--the local Michael's was having an obscene sale on their ridiculous novelty yarn--$1 and $2 a skein. In my defense, I'm now equipped to knit Christmas gifts for a passel of 12 year old cousins, so as to have gifts on the cheap.)

And you know my Newsboy cap in the sidebar? I wore that cap for the better part of 6 months, and it's disappeared. I can't find it anywhere, and I don't think I took it somewhere and left it, either. And so I need to make another one, but it's breaking my heart that I can't find the one that I lost. It was so perfect for my head! I've never lost a handknit before. It's terribly sad.

05 January 2007

Vigdis: I haven't forgotten you

I know it seems that Vigdis, in all of its snuggly, cabley glory, seems forgotten over there in the sidebar. Though I haven't written much about that project, I assure you, it isn't true. In fact, we're approaching the end. See? From left to right, it's sleeve island (1/2 to go!), the modified front panels (converted from pullover to jacket status), and the back. The difficult part will be figuring out the collar. Since I did something with the front that the pattern didn't call for, I'm not quite sure how to manage finishing up the front, but I suppose I'll figure it out. Cobbled-together is my specialty. I do have a mis-crossed cable on the right front to fix, which I'll do with Stephanie's "Desperate Measures" fix. I'm not fussy enough to drop the necessary ten stitches and undo a few feet of knitting and then manage to get them back up to the rest of the stitches without disaster.

Have some close-ups. The yarn is not as Dijon-mustard colored as my camera thinks. (Until the sun comes out in Binghamton--maybe for a week in July--I will have no naturally lit photos. I live in a house so cave-like
in its lack of natural light that I'm tempted to raise mushrooms in my living room. My husband's obsession with Batman takes on a whole new tenor.) It's actually a very pleasant camel color. Below is my modified front. I'll whack a button band on it as soon as I figure out that collar. It will be my first button band--I doubt I will so much "whack" it on as I will fret and pick up stitches like it's my first surgery, knit a button band that is too stretched, frog it, knit a button band that turns out to be a ruffle, frog that, and hopefully finally do something that looks a little less deformed.

The last thing that's on my mind with this project is the delicate wire of enough yarn/not enough yarn that I think I'm walking. I know I'll get my second sleeve out of its ball of yarn, but I don't know if I'll get my collar and button band out of what's left. The beauty of the situation is that Sirdar has discontinued their Nova Super Chunky line (as far as my research can tell me), and when I bought my yarn, it was in the close-out bin at Carodan Farms. They have an excellent close-out/discontinued bin. I did buy one more ball than the yardage indicated I would need, but this could get interesting. If anyone has a spare ball of color 890, name your price. And if that yarn has gone to the big basket in the sky, guess who's making a button band in handspun?