19 March 2007

Oh, bugger.

I did that thing where I don't update for 3 months again. Even after kindly prompting a month ago. Eeks.

But! I do have something to show you because the Wool Fairy visited me today, bringing with it some luscious, luscious stuff from HelloYarn.

The beautiful blue/green/black/brown fiber is hand-dyed Bluefaced Leicester. The colors are so saturated, so rich...it's amazing. I'd dye my house to match this stuff.

The lovely cream-colored goodness is undyed Merino/tussah silk blend, and they're both posed there with Adrian's lovely shop cards. If you have any interest in the yarny goodness, shop with her. The service is outstanding, the materials gorgeous.

So, I have no idea what these two lovelies are destined to be just yet, but there's an urge to combine the two. The BFL for color, the merino/silk for sheen (because it is so, so shiny and soft).

And ideas like that are why I really want a set of hand-cards. I think I could get some lovely heathery effects if I could card them together. Then again, I'd be messing with the perfect preparation of these fibers, and that seems a waste.

I've not been knitting as much as I'd like. I'm stalling out on the Vigdis because it scares me (it's seaming/collar/button band time, and I've only ever done seams on one other thing, have done zero collars, and zero button bands). And that's a thing that needs a lot of concentration and math for, and let's just say that the exact middle of the semester is not good for projects requiring "a lot of concentration." This is, I think, a much more spinny time, because I can do that without thinking too hard about it (which is probably what marks me as a spinning n00b, but oh well).

Mmm, wool.