18 October 2007


I'm Rhinebeck-bound on Saturday with some excellent friends. I haven't really been thinking about much lately that isn't fiber-related (much to the detriment of some of my schoolwork, and actually to the advantage of one piece), and this is a particularly fraught excursion to New York Sheep and Wool because the ratio of knitters to Muggles in my group will be 2:3. I am one of those people who has trouble enjoying herself if her company is not enjoying themselves, so I'm hoping that the non-knitters will be entertained for at least several hours. (It's a 3-hour drive, one-way, from here, so I might cry if we're there 2 hours and everyone else wants to go home. But that shouldn't happen. Rhinebeck rules.)

Also, I'm going to be looking for fibery gifts this time around, so hopefully that will be fruitful. Or wool-ful. Or whatever. Can't spin grapes. I'm also thinking I might look at yarn this time. Last time, I kept myself from falling prey to yarn-attraction by shopping for spinning fiber, but there are a few people whom I'd like to knit things for, and Rhinebeck is one of those places that will probably have the perfect colorway, you know?

If anyone is looking for me (though most people who read this blog are not going to be at Rhinebeck), I'll be wearing my Under the Hoodie (silver, black, and brick-red) and my grey Newsboy cap. I'll be carrying (most likely) an AWP Atlanta black tote bag, or possibly a multi-colored tapestry bag patterned with cats. I may have 2-4 people with me, but they are all friendly, so do say hello!

I'll only be there on Saturday, probably noon-ish arrival time (because even the most wool-positive Muggles don't think that yarn's worth getting on the road at 6 a.m.).

Last year, I'd fantasized I'd have my Vigdis done in time for Rhinebeck, but such is not the case. I did actually do a gauge swatch for my button bands/collar over the weekend, and I re-seamed the shoulders with the right color yarn. And then I fell into the same massive panic as I had about the whole button band/collar issue before. The "Why do you have to make everything harder than it has to be?" panic. Because the way the pieces end, as shown, given my cardigan-mods, are all wonky and uneven. So I might end up unraveling some things and reknitting some things until I have a roughly rounded shape upon which to build my collar and button bands.

Spinning news: Just been puttering along on the midnight blue merino/Tencel blend. I want to get back to another spool-ful of the BlueFaced Leicester because Navajo plying is just too neat. Also, I want to knit a hat. And the urge to break out the drop spindle and play with a little of what I'd hoped would be laceweight but is too heavy merino-silk blend. I'll try to remember to do a picture for that. It's really pretty fiber.

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