25 November 2007

Wow. My bamboo-crush isn't any smaller.

It is so much easier to knit Kidsilk Haze on woodens. My Lord. I mean, I'm halfway through my Super Seekrit Thing #1 (second half) and haven't had a dpn go flying yet! It's...it's like knitting is fun again! Well. My only worry is that the other half of the Seekrit Thing might have to be reknit if my gauge has changed in conjunction with the joy of woodens. But we'll see. Cross your fingers for me? I don't really want to re-knit the whole thing, but the idea of frogging Kidsilk and it not looking like mange afterwards is...argh.

In other holiday knitting news: I think I'm going to be a ginormous dork and succumb to the lure of washcloth-knitting. But cool washcloths. Washcloths that kick ass. Because they will be full of nerdy emblems and such. Just have to find yarn in a color I don't hate for them. (My LYS doesn't carry Sugar-n-Cream, and I don't blame them, and the A.C. Moore only carries colors that fall in the cupcake-vomit category.) I'll check Michael's, I guess, too, because I don't know what other yarns would work well for such a project.

In the rare event that another knitter is reading this, any suggestions for a good washcloth yarn? Is cotton my only functional option? (I've heard tell that linen might be good, too, but linen is largely out of my budget for this.)

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