23 December 2007

It can't be bad if it involves wool, right?

Today I decided I maybe oughtn't wear hand-knit lace to church services. It's very hard to feel appropriately humble when you're wearing Alpaca Cloud around your shoulders that's been invited into a beautiful shape by one of Eunny's gorgeous patterns.

Surely it's not a sin if the pride is in the sheer amazingness of alpaca and wool, right? Heavenly creations and all that? I was exulting! I praised! And I wasn't thinking about how much better my shawl was than the store-bought sweaters all around me. ...much.

Please no lightning this close to Christmas.

09 December 2007

Success! ...and failure

You see, I successfully completed the Super Seekrit thing I was knitting before (huzzah!) and the gauge didn't go wonky with the needle-switch (double huzzah!), and they even arrived at the desired destination without exploding...but I completely forgot to take any pictures. I fail.

But: Super Seekrit Thing:
Mrs. Beetons!
Knit: from Rowan Kidsilk Haze, color Fern & Rowan Tapestry, color Lakeland. The small beads were the wee glass seed beads in a green like the Kidsilk, and the larger beads were a glazed blue-green, like the Tapestry. I think I would use all seed beads next time, since all of the beading is on the Kidsilk part, anyway.
Notes: Kidsilk is indeed a pain in the arse to frog, but is very satisfying to knit with because it is oh so prettyful. Also, Tapestry =
my new favorite yarn-crush. I have another ball of it in Rustic, and we have more Super Seekrit Big Plans. (Doesn't blogging about holiday knitting suck?)

I am also knitting washc
loths. I hate knitting with cotton. Especially cabling with cotton. And yes, why not have a cabled washcloth? But the quickness of finishing washcloths is a heady thing. Next task regarding washcloths? Charting designs! Cross your fingers for me on that one.

Aaaand: I am working on a cabled scarf for a friend, in Caron Simply Soft. It's acrylic, and I'd rather not use it
on principle, but it's really nice acrylic, shiny and silky and the color is a beautiful silvery grey. It is also wicked affordable (how else do you get a foot-wide cabled scarf & matching hat knit for something like $8 in yarn that is imminently pettable?). This is a very exciting project--friend and I sat down with Viking Knitting, and she pointed at cables and motifs that made her happy (the happiness knot on p. 32-33, and the three-bight happiness signs on cables, p. 33, if you're reading along), and we went to the yarn store. This is where we're at. It looks like a heart, but it's the beginning of the Happiness Knot.

Same friend also brought me a new adventure in spinning! A friend of hers has a Lop, and she's saved some of the shed fur. It's not long enough to spin on its own, of course, but I tried carding it together (because it's soft like angel-down) with some BFL and a smidge of those dyed Mohair locks I got at Rhinebeck. I'm spinning it on my wee Cascade, and you can still see the gray merino/silk that's been on the spindle for a while under the new bunny-mix. I'm spinning it fairly fine, and I have no idea what I'll do with it (possibly something for the bunny-owner, perhaps), nor do I know how it will hold up to the plying/setting process, but we'll see.

And, now a comment on the thing that actually made me open the update page: so, Vickie Howell's projects usually don't appeal to me. But, I've found a few things (the Kick Ass-cot, for one) that kind of appeal. Not high on the queue, really, but if I were bored (I'm not, at the moment) and wanted something to bash out in one skein from the stash, I might look there. BUT. How much do I love that she's named a color of yarn in her LOVE line "Ennis & Jack"? I'm not sure I agree that they're lavender, but the concept of it makes me happy. And there's a Westley and Buttercup one, too!

Now I have to stop blogging. I'm starting the first of my comprehensive Ph.D. exams tomorrow, and I still have texts to read.