28 February 2008

Knuckle Sandwich

I cast on for a set of Knucks Tuesday night. And since, I was five minutes late to school on Wednesday morning, up late last night, and had to forcibly remove myself from the needles this morning so as to avoid being late again (though my intern was 11 minutes late, and I turned out to be almost 6 minutes early, and I can't help but be a little angry at that loss of 17 minutes of knitting).

Since my first pair of socks, I have known: I do love me some DPNs. I really, really do. And knitting the little fingers for the Knucks has just charmed me to no end. I understand Stephanie's obsession with the wee grape leaves on the Vintage socks completely now.

I'm knitting my Knucks with some mods (as y'do)--making the fingers go out to the last knuckle because I have been craving a pair of gloves-for-typing for years. I'll probably knit the cuffs longer, too, so they're combo arm-warmers/gloves. And I'm knitting them in more of my BFL Glas (to match the Santa Cruz hat) because there's something magical about knitting one's own handspun. Seriously. It's a really nice ego-boost (okay, so I might be a little past boost and into vexingly pleased with myself) to know that you've made all of the thing and the yarn isn't coming apart in your hands as you knit, and the color changes are beautiful and crisp because you were diligent about your plying. And this all balances the FAIL of my current other (lack of) productivity.

I will hope to have progress pictures of the Knucks this weekend, as my parental units are visiting and that means that the rest of the week will likely be sacrificed to making sure we have enough clean coffee cups. ...or I could just hang my finished Knuck on the refrigerator and have us all share one. I think that would be okay.

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