23 March 2008

Knucks: Knocked Out

Finished my Knucks on Friday night, and they are delightful things. Let me tell you the story of finishing them.

I had been sort of strapped for real knitting time all month--how else could it take 3.5 weeks to knit a wee pair of glovelets? So when we decided to go see The Town Pants in Corning on Friday night, I knew I'd found some prime knitting time. Not during the show, of course, because one must sing and clap and pogo while the Pants play. But because they are so brilliantly popular, it's crucial to get to the venue (the inestimable Snooty Pig) early. So we got there at 7:30 for a 9:30 show. The drive is also 1.5 hours long. So I had plenty of time to knit the ribbing on the right glove, sew up the gaps at the fingers, weave in my ends, and make a general neatness of it. And I had time to take the left cuff off of its waste yarn, put it back on the needles and knit the extra length (because I hadn't decided how long I wanted them to be, nor was I sure how much yarn I had). Then I put them on, kept my hands warm because the bar opened the door for air (it was packed), and was able to clap like a mad thing because wool is squishy and my hands weren't all red and stinging by the end of the night.

I did, of course, have some drunk woman come up to me and say, "You're knitting? What the fuck's up with that?" But then another couple (one we shared a table with) had a nice long conversation about alpacas with me. So I guess it evens out. Either way, I had super music and now have a new pair of Knucks to boot!

(No pictures, because the second one looks the same as the first.)

I think I'm going to add a few rows of ribbing to my Santa Cruz hat. It's a little bit on the shallow side--I found I was tugging it down a lot at the show. ...I hate picking up stitches. *gnash teeth*

15 March 2008

There's a Spinning Challenge for You!

I had myself an pretty ridiculous dream in which I was spinning (on my wheel, despite knowing that there's certainly no way the orifice on Sinclair is big enough) together a combination of red shoestring licorice, black television cable (in roughly two-foot staple lengths, and let me tell you, those co-ax joins are not as easy as it looks when you don't really want to stop the wheel), and 1.5-inch-wide red satin ribbon.

I don't know what my dream-idiocy was planning to knit with that in the end, but it was a pretty cool "yarn," all things considered. ...like, you could definitely knit something racy, naughty, and damn cool in an industrial-kink kind of way with it. Maybe. Ish.

No idea. Because then Jin and Mugen from Samurai Champloo were trying to fight again and my spinning disappeared.

02 March 2008


One down, one to go! Well, one down, insofar as the glove is finished, the finger gaps sewn, the ends woven in...and I am left undecided about the length of the cuffs. So I'm letting the ribbing on waste yarn for now, while I knit up the other one and decide how long I want to make the cuffs. I have delusions of making them proper armwarmers, too, but we'll see how much yarn I have and whether I have enough patience to spin more if I need it.

Off to cast on some fingers!