15 March 2008

There's a Spinning Challenge for You!

I had myself an pretty ridiculous dream in which I was spinning (on my wheel, despite knowing that there's certainly no way the orifice on Sinclair is big enough) together a combination of red shoestring licorice, black television cable (in roughly two-foot staple lengths, and let me tell you, those co-ax joins are not as easy as it looks when you don't really want to stop the wheel), and 1.5-inch-wide red satin ribbon.

I don't know what my dream-idiocy was planning to knit with that in the end, but it was a pretty cool "yarn," all things considered. ...like, you could definitely knit something racy, naughty, and damn cool in an industrial-kink kind of way with it. Maybe. Ish.

No idea. Because then Jin and Mugen from Samurai Champloo were trying to fight again and my spinning disappeared.

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