18 April 2008

A new shiny thing!

Which is to say, I have a bit of a new hobby/interest/obsession.


I've been posting a little bit about it on my personal blog, a little bit on the Ravelry Bento Artists Group, and generally raving about it to anyone who will listen.

But it's just so shiny:

This is my lunch from Thursday, and I'm kind of ridiculously proud of it. I'm still not very good at the speed bento process--getting this excellent lunch together quickly, and you can read more about that at Lunch in a Box and Just Bento. Those are my two go-to websites for everything from bento lunch safety to supplies tips to recipes, and everything in between.

I should like to write more on this, but I'd only be repeating myself, and I'm a bit too knackered to do that just now. But perhaps there will be more posting of this sort as I continue on the bento adventures.