31 May 2008

Some more bento!

First successful attempt at inarizushi! It's hanging out here with a fish full of soy sauce and a little bit of dried mango in the bottom tier. In the top tier, there's the usual mix of sugar snap peas and carrots, some kiwi, a strawberry, and a mocha-caramel mini-cupcake (it was a very good week for baking!). In the lid are some bits of a honey/sesame seed/sunflower seed granola bar.

And Friday's bento involved another attempt at some maki rolls--this one is teriyaki beef and raw carrot. It was most tasty. Everything else is largely the same.

Then there was the mini-project this afternoon: organizing my gear a little bit so it stops eating my countertop. I dragged the drawer (that came with my refrigerator that we never use) out of storage, and it turned out to be pretty perfectly sized for this purpose. On the left, everything that was going into the space, on the right, everything in its place. Head over to my Flickr page to see it all labeled!

27 May 2008

Alas and alack.

I had hoped to have a F.O. to show you here, as I did, indeed, finish Quant, but I frogged it four minutes after my last stitch. I suppose I could have taken a picture of how silly it looked on my head, so I could at least amuse you, ne? But, I didn't. But let me tell you about it.

See, I used a skein of Manos de Uruguay in a lovely, lovely variegated navy/taupe colorway and had just enough yarn to follow the pattern swimmingly. I even went to the trouble of hunting up a modification so that the ends would be symmetrical, and I mastered the knack of entrelac. Truly, entrelac is Good Knitting--interesting enough for your fingers, but easily memorized! It was knitting I could do while copy-editing. In short, it was ideal--a very good pattern, enjoyable new knitting-learning, beautiful yarn--so why'd it end up wrapped in a ball again?

Because my head ain't meant for headbands or anything like them. AND I lived in some awesome denial because the Manos is a little more robust than the given pattern yarn and it turned out about 2 inches too wide. Which meant it did not lovingly cup my head, but rather stuck out in the back like a stunted kerchief. When I tried it on, all I could think of was the end of Lilo & Stitch, when Stitch puts Nani's bikini on his head like an aviator's cap.

In retrospect, though, I should have kept it, made it a little bit longer, and had myself a very innovative obi belt. That would have been wicked cool. I mean, I'd never wear it, because the only kimono-like thing I own is cherry-red, but at least it'd have a purpose. But that's an idea for the future, next time I have some really sturdy yarn in a color I could possibly use for belt action, I think it'd be pretty hot.

I think, too, the Manos might have color changes that are slightly too brief for the entrelac. I mean, it looked really cool, but it didn't give those isolated jewel-like diamonds that I lusted after on the pattern page. Hm. Anyway.

Now let's have a wee bitty whinge.

I'm suffering from acrylicus cablitis. By which I mean that--for whatever reason--the last 3 fingers of my left hand cramp like a mother when I do more than four rows on a cabled scarf I'm doing. Anyone have this problem? I don't remember it being an issue back in December when I started this bad boy, but last night, sweet Christmas, I thought I was going to have to amputate. I desperately want to finish this scarf because, as I said, I've been working on it since December, the friend it was for just had a birthday, and I feel a little bad about that.

But, can't knit with crippled fingers, so I switched to my Ademas (which has been in progress since New Year's Eve, 2006--I'm just now approaching my 3rd-of-twelve pattern repeat. How ridiculous I am. That didn't hurt my hands at all, though I wish I had some Inox 5s instead of the 5s I'm using now (I don't even know what they are) because they feel really clumsy in my hands. Maybe I'll snatch a pair of those at some point, when I go on the hunt for the perfect linen yarn (planning ot make some wedding gifts, if I can find the right colors).

I do so like knitting lace, despite the fact that it takes for-damn-ever. I queued up a new pattern on Ravelry for some fiber that isn't spun yet. (Funny how that works.)

Now I'm off to make a big damn mess of my kitchen. It's a baking-type day!