31 May 2008

Some more bento!

First successful attempt at inarizushi! It's hanging out here with a fish full of soy sauce and a little bit of dried mango in the bottom tier. In the top tier, there's the usual mix of sugar snap peas and carrots, some kiwi, a strawberry, and a mocha-caramel mini-cupcake (it was a very good week for baking!). In the lid are some bits of a honey/sesame seed/sunflower seed granola bar.

And Friday's bento involved another attempt at some maki rolls--this one is teriyaki beef and raw carrot. It was most tasty. Everything else is largely the same.

Then there was the mini-project this afternoon: organizing my gear a little bit so it stops eating my countertop. I dragged the drawer (that came with my refrigerator that we never use) out of storage, and it turned out to be pretty perfectly sized for this purpose. On the left, everything that was going into the space, on the right, everything in its place. Head over to my Flickr page to see it all labeled!

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