24 June 2008

New Bento!

Three days a week, I work at a job that is very physically demanding, and so my lunches (as you've probably seen) are sure to have a good bit of protein and very filling carbs (because rice packs so very nicely). Two days a week, I go to school and sit at my computer/read books all day. Today is one of those days, so I thought it would be a good idea to lighten up the load a little bit and try out my new bento (that is about 100 mL smaller than the blue Urara dragonfly box I usually use). Check out the excellent Engrish on the box top. It makes me happy.

I don't generally count calories in my boxes, either (I pack bento to make sure I eat actual food, rather than to cut back on what I eat), but today's items were easily countable, so if you were wondering:

Miniature brown-sugar bagel with peanut butter and honey: 243
3 Cherry tomatoes: 10
Broccoli florets: 15
Cucumber and carrot star slices: 7
1/2 orange: 30
1/2 cup grapes: 50 (after I took the photo, I filled in the top of the box with grapes)
Total: 355

The orange, too, is extra delicious. It came from a local farmer's market (but the orange is definitely not local, this being the northeast), and maybe I could find good oranges in the grocery store, I just haven't yet. The Frog Pond (farmer's market) has totally spoiled me, and I've only been there once.

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