04 June 2008

Yaki Onigiri

I've got some mango teriyaki chicken (just diced chicken breast cooked up with some bottled teriyaki sauce, a splash of OJ, and some pepper, then I tossed in some cubed mango left over from last night's mango/bell pepper salsa adventure--it's awesome on pork chops, chicken, and salad), with a yaki onigiri. I used Biggie's tutorial, but the process is way easy: whack the onigiri in a dry pan, toast until starting to brown, brush with soy, re-toast on both sides (and I also did the three short sides, too, because the crisped bits look really yummy). Makes the kitchen smell awesome at 6:30 a.m. (Bento means breakfast is really interesting...I just kind of snack on the shrapnel left from cutting things into bento-sized bits.)

Top tier has more mango, grapes, strawberries, carrot sticks, and shelled edamame.

And then yesterday's bento, which was far less complicated, but I like decorating sandwiches:
Peanut butter and jelly with dried mango decos, grapes. Bottom tier is turkey pepperoni flowers around store-bought spanokopita (eventually, I will make my own), a carrot corral for my edamame, and strawberries that have been sprinkled with powdered ginger. In the lid, Lindt creme brulee chocolate, which rocks a lot.

Thursday or Friday morning I'm going to give avocado maki a try. I've never had avocado in sushi, but it's a pleasing flavor, and it's hard to not love anything rolled up like that. (Presentation junkie what?)

And now off to work! I will clean up in rainforest aviary and hope my yaki onigiri is a success (and not, like my smart-assed husband said this morning, "Yucky onigiri." He has yet to embrace the awesomeness of nori).

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