14 July 2008


Perhaps you've already seen it, because Biggie announced it already, but check out Bento Pet's Bento Competition!
I've sent in three entries. I certainly don't expect anything to come of it, as I'm just a newbie, but it's a really cool contest for bento preparation that isn't the kind of ornate kyaraben that are stunning but maybe not the kind of thing I can put together at six a.m.

More Bentos

...some day I will have proper knitting content in here. Somehow. I'm getting close to the end of the cabled scarf I've been working on since December, so hopefully I'll remember to take a photo before giving it to the destined recipient.

A bit of a catch-all post of some older and newer bentos, because these are some I've liked a lot. First: top tier holds mango, carrots, dried mango, sugar snaps, and watermelon. Bottom tier holds chicken katsu & carrot maki and broccoli. Lid holds dulce de leche wafer cookies and soy fish.

Second: left tier holds chicken gyoza, onigiri creatures in carrot fencing, edamame. Right holds carrots, kiwi, grapes, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni accents.

Third holds gummi candy in the lid, top tier holds sweet beef sticks, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, carrots, mango slices, broccoli, and a container of tahini for dipping. Bottom tier holds basil leaves, sugar snaps, blueberries, grapes, and kumquats.
Fourth holds, in the top tier: carrots, grapes, blueberries, broccoli, cashews, and a little container of dipping vinaigrette. Bottom tier holds broccoli, inarizushi, and brown rice onigiri with furikake. Lid holds Reese's Pieces and strawberry fruit leather.

Fifth holds two whole wheat pitas, green box holds broccoli, carrots, garlic beef, tomatoes, and lettuce, with a container of shoyu vinaigrette. Blue box holds grapes, blueberries, and lychees.

08 July 2008

July 4th Bento

My Fourth of July bento: bonito flake onigiri with nori decorations, sugar snaps, gyoza, and a cherry tomato; edamame, carrots, sugar snaps, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, mango; and dried fruits and some candies in the lid.

And the second, from a day or two earlier, is similar, but I liked the decorations on the onigiri.

01 July 2008

Weekend Update

Yes, I am well aware that I have actually missed the weekend by a full two days. Shush. It was a busy one. First, the hand-knit handtowels I've been frantically knitting were wrapped and given to their destined happy couple on Saturday (in one of the best weddings I've been to in a long time). However, I knit the last stitch at 3:15 for a 4:00 wedding, so there are no pictures. Which makes me sad, because the cotton yarn I used was really quite radiant (like the bride), and that's saying something because I rather hate knitting with cotton.

Now my hands are empty again, and it feels very, very strange. But, I have no good portable knitting just now, though I do have another project that is approaching done, so I should do that.

Also strange was 3 days without bento. I think the fact that I slept 3 hours on Monday afternoon is indicative of what happens when I has no bento: I eat junk or don't really eat. (Though I did gorge myself on black raspberries, which I had wanted to put in today's lunch, but I froze them yesterday to avoid the possibility of losing even a single one to mold, because they are so very fragile.)

Today's was a tasty bento, though not really much to look at. Maybe pictures a little later in the week. But tonight I have to go to the grocery store because we are very nearly out of any kind of foodstuffs that are good for bento (carrots are my only remaining veg, and I'm down to two lonely kiwis on the fruit side). It's peculiar how excited I get about grocery shopping in times like these, ne?