18 August 2008

August 18th Bento

Bit of a hodge-podge this morning, as I'm sort of in-between things. I need to restock my rice stash, but I still have tiny bits of this and that left, and so I'm trying to use that up (without leaving me completely without options in the morning). We also didn't make it to the World's Best Farmer's Market (I know that's a bit of a stretch compared to you cats in Seattle and Portland and whatnot, but it's quite fine for BFE Upstate NY!) this weekend, so my fruit selection is a little sad after having three delectable kinds of berries last week. (And after the farmer's market prices, I just really can't bring myself to pay grocery store prices...)

Anyway. Enough jibba-jabba.
Today is going to be a long one--we start the You Have No Excuses, Dashitall regimen now. So, extra fruit (a nectarine) and two cookies. And in the top tier: broccoli, carrots (as divider and decoration), kiwi, sugar snap peas, sunsugar and cherry tomatoes, a few cashews, and ridiculously delicious strawberry chardonnay cheese that Wegman's was pimping. With great difficulty, I found a small enough chunk of it to try (I will try something for $2, but not for $5).

Bottom tier holds two inarizushi, a soyfish, a tiny tortilla wraplet filled with turkey, lettuce, bacon, and a wee smidge of spicy honey mustard, and some more sugar snaps.

While I was in Wegman's this weekend, I did some price-checking, too--I'm very nearly at the end of my bag of rice, and I want to try some forbidden rice & black sticky rice (though I didn't find the latter at Wegman's), and I'm trying to discover where these things are cheapest. I thought certainly that the Asian food store would have cheaper rice, but it does not (probably because they don't sell as much as the large chain), though the price is not vastly different (maybe $.60 or a dollar), and that's a low enough differential for me to buy it at the small store because it's a small store. When I really need to pick up some more things--like sushi nori and dried mango, I'll check out the other Asian grocery, too (I think they had lotus root there, and I want to try making it, because it looks so pretty all golden brown and crisped), but I'm currently trying to cut back my random spending. And, frankly, every time I go to an Asian grocery store, I buy lots of random stuff. I can't help it--it's all so interesting-looking!

I'm also trying to find some nori-paste. I think I would like it (because I do so like nori, generally speaking). Also, lotus-seed paste, because I see so many people giving it the thumbs up for onigiri filling. I'll probably actually ask about that one--I'm not sure what it would look like on the shelf (and I can't really recognize anything in the Eastern languages except the Kanji for dog).

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