19 August 2008

August 19th Bento

What a very rainy morning. I suppose I ought not complain, as we've had very few of those this summer (which is entirely peculiar for here). This morning, the bento is rocking the leftovers:

We have, in the top tier: cappocollo slices, cherry tomatoes, strawberry chardonnay cheese, sugar snaps, carrots, and some frozen mango & strawberries. Hopefully they'll thaw enough to smoosh down before I leave for school.

Bottom tier holds three mini onigiri (two brown rice, one white), broccoli, carrots, cashews (under the carrots), sugar snaps, and homemade beef negimaki, which was supper last night. ...I love that stuff. I do wish I could make it all pretty like my local Japanese restaurant does, but this still tastes good. Some day, too, I will actually have sake on hand to make it properly.

Not shown is a nectarine and two Milano cookies.

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