04 August 2008

August 4th Bento

Despite disliking a largeish font, I think my blog's a bit of an eyestrain, so I'll give it a go in this size.

Today's bento features my favorite summertime dessert (and yes, I know I've put it all out of proportion by making my lunch about 1/4 pudding, but sssh): blueberry pudding. There's also strawberries, blueberries, cucumber slices, and broccoli in the top tier. Then carrots, leftover margarita chicken thigh, and onigiri with nori furikake on the bottom.

If you have any desire (and trust me, you should) to make the blueberry pudding, proceed thusly:

Mix 1 large (6 oz.) box of instant vanilla pudding mix with two cups of milk (not three, as the box will instruct). Add in one standard-sized container of Cool Whip (the only reason I can think of to purchase Cool Whip), and mix well. Then gently stir in a good whack of blueberries (I leave the ratio up to you--at least a pint, though).

Try not to eat it all at one sitting.

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