07 August 2008

August 7th Bento

Mmm, tasty leftovers. You see, last night we went out for an extremely extravagant (for us) dinner at Moxie's Woodfire Grill, and that meant coming home with some excellent things for lunch today.

Top tier: (almost)Rainbow! Carrots, sunsugar tomatoes, mango, edamame, blueberries, plum wedges

Bottom: Bonito-flake-filled onigiri shaped like a bone (using JustBento's cookie-cutter onigiri method), leftover Delmonico steak slices, leftover grilled zucchini

Lid: Milano cookie, nori for onigiri

Also, I am pleased to report that the kare pan in yesterday's lunch was super tasty. The exterior was not exactly crisp after sitting in the refrigerator at work, but nor was it soggy, so I consider that success! I will try that again when I'm having a day at school where my lunch can be at (frigid) room temperature.

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