08 August 2008

August 8th Bento

I don't know about you, but putting sushi in my lunches always seems to improve the day, and this week, as I'm sort of clawing for the weekend, I needed some. (Work's been really busy, very physically demanding, and I've got forearms that look like they've been attacked by wood rasps--at least, they would, except for the poison ivy that's being all plaguey-looking on top of the scratches.) So. This morning, I used up the last of my super-delicious steak with some avocado to make maki. There are some carrot accents between each piece because there were teeeeensy gaps and I filled two of them with carrot bits, and then I had to do all the spaces for symmetry's sake.

Top tier (because I was feeling very cool colors today) has kiwi, blueberries, cucumber, and plum. There are more carrots underneath the cucumber, but they didn't fit the color scheme, so I hid them. Lid has soy fish and requisite cookie.

...the only problem with bento boxes is that there's no really convenient way to put pie in them, unless you want to sacrifice a whole tier. (I made a peach pie last night, and I will miss it at lunch.) I suppose the only reasonable thing to do is to eat it for breakfast!

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laytonwoman3rd said...

Pie for breakfast. Nothing better.