29 August 2008

A few bentos

But first: Go Vote! (And, of course, American readers, please register to vote in the upcoming national election!)

And also second: I actually worked on my Vigdis sweater last night. Be still, my beating heart. You see, it's been in hibernation since sometime in very early 2007, and I've missed several falls and springs during which its knee-length cabled goodness would have been quite cozy and good, and I'd rather not let another fall pass that way. Especially since it's only August, and I'm already wearing two layers and my Knucks and snuggling with my polar fleece when I hole up in the library. (Apparently, "room temperature" at the university means roughly "blast chiller," despite there being no meteorological reason whatsoever to be using air conditioning anymore. It's only been in the seventies for two weeks straight.)

And now, bentos!

Wednesday: Maki day! Grilled sirloin, carrot, and black sesame seed maki. Carrot and broccoli accents, with some blueberries in the corner. Top tier holds more berries and broccoli, yellow watermelon, and the sunsugar tomatoes (with nori decorations) are built up on a bed of carrot rounds.

Thursday's bento features the same fruits/veg, except my carrots are in the form of JustBento's carrot kinpira! It was my first time making it, and it really was delicious. Very exciting, and very, very rare to have a cooked vegetable in my bento. (Yes, I am still eight and tend to dislike my veggies after the application of heat, though balsamic vinegar can make anything more appealing.) The last of my sirloin bits and some little onigiri round out the bottom tier.

And today's bento also has the usual suspects in the top tier, with the addition of three dried plums wedged between the carrots and watermelon cup. Bottom tier has two star-shaped mini-onigiri with nori furikake, two mixed-rice (bonito flakes and black sesame seed) onigiri balls, and one inarizushi on a bed of edamame and carrot bits.

I've also had breakfast sidecars made of cut-up peaches and blueberries, but they're not really exciting enough to show.

Off to the library!

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