26 August 2008

Intrepid, tasty little things.

Two bentos, one post! First up, Monday's bento: my usual vegetation of carrots, sugar snaps, and broccoli, as well as two sunsugar tomatoes hiding beneath those mozzarella flowers. They're accompanied by blueberries and some tinned lychees. They're okay, though I don't think that lychees are necessarily on my top ten favorite fruits list. They are, however, pretty delicious (and cute!) when you fill the seed cavity with blueberries or strawberry bits. Tucked in with all of that is my dessert: one of those Bailey's cupcakes, mini-sized.

For "main course," some garlic-beef bits (I bought a completely cheater-tastic bottle of stir-fry sauce at Wegman's, and it's amazing) with an assortment of mini-onigiri. Two are wrapped in nori (I think that works better with larger onigiri), and three are decorated with nori squares and furikake. Bits of carrot for color.

Tuesday's holds blueberries, carrot dividers, broccoli, cheese cubes atop sunsugar tomatoes, and a silicone cup of yellow watermelon.

The yellow watermelon is rather tasty, but not as...watermelon-y as the pink-red variety. However, the yellow came in a manageable size for two people, and cost far less than the larger, which might have gone to waste.

...though in retrospect, I should have gotten the larger red variety and made agua fresca. That's on the list for the end of summer.

In the bottom tier, my first incarnation of mixed-rice onigiri (bonito flakes and black sesame seeds), wrapped in nori strips. This onigiri combo is a winner for me! Accompanying are three of my homemade chicken gyoza, and I am sad to say I'm almost out of them--only one pouch of four left.

And, in case anyone has been wondering about these "sunsugar" tomatoes I keep packing in my lunch, here's a photo:
The pencil's for scale, and they're not a red tomato. They're a rather brilliant orange, and they are, as the name suggests, quite sweet and perfect for eating out of hand. The plants are also ridiculously prolific (even for poor gardeners such as ourselves, who rarely remember to water or tend), and should you choose to plant some, be aware that they sprawl. Our sunsugar is actually growing through both of our other tomato plants. Intrepid, tasty little things.

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