31 August 2008

Island Salad

Too much graduate school = no time for real baking.

But--I did decide to take a little bit of time today to make a truly tasty dinner because I had a mango at the absolute perfect ripeness. (Honestly--best mango I've ever had.)I'm calling it an Island Salad because it's tropical and summery and is helping me to forget that September happens tomorrow. The meat is a pork chop marinated very unscientifically in a mix of pineapple juice, lime juice, crushed mango, teriyaki sauce, olive oil, a smidge of black pepper, and garlic, then grilled. It's all topped with toasted almonds, cherry tomatoes, grilled mango and pineapple slices, and green onions, and I dressed it very sparingly with another unscientific mix of peanut oil, sesame seed oil, teriyaki sauce, and mirin (which makes a lovely dip/dressing for other raw veg in the bento).

It was, I think, a rousing success.

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laytonwoman3rd said...

May I just say Iovelovelove the way your knitting blog has turned into a food fest? I have so much fun viewing and reading about your goodies...