15 August 2008


Trying out something different in today's bento: Noriben. Well, I'm not sure it's exactly new, since the combo of rice, soy, bonito flakes, and nori is kind of my favorite onigiri, just rearranged a bit, but I think the eating experience is different.

So, in the top tier, there are kiwi and plum wedges, blackberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, manchego cheese, dried fig slices, and another tiny piece of Yip-Yip cake. Bottom tier houses the noriben (with sesame seeds on top), some stir-fried chicken with garlic sauce, and some broccoli bits.

It's really rather motivating to have a new bento thing to try. I woke up without a fight at 6:30 this morning for the first time in a while, despite going to bed around 1:00 a.m. (because I'm an Olympics junkie), all so I could layer the same foods in a new way.

Noriben is also a great way to use up the nori scraps that accumulate from making nori decorations for your bento. Some of those sheets are full of cut-out palm trees and sunbursts and music notes and such, and lots of awkward little sizes that don't much fit anywhere else, but for noriben, it doesn't matter. Excellent.

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