22 August 2008

Not Exactly Bento: Bento Photo Contest Entry

Hurrah, a shiny thing!

Not Exactly Bento is running a brilliant contest (I'm a little late to the party--today is the last day to enter), and this is my entry post (so please forgive me for doubling up on recent bento photos).

First entry:
Top tier: carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, kiwi, plum slices, manchego cheese, dried fig slices, tiny piece of cake

Bottom: noriben, stir-fried garlic chicken, broccoli

And the second entry:
Top tier: cappocollo slices, cherry tomatoes, strawberry chardonnay cheese, sugar snaps, carrots, and some frozen mango & strawberries.

Bottom tier holds three mini onigiri (two brown rice, one white), broccoli, carrots, cashews (under the carrots), sugar snaps, and homemade beef negimaki

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