26 August 2008

...not the smartest weekend I've had.

To kick it off, I turned my right ankle stepping off the curb to get the mail, and my plans to try Just Hungry's Yatsuhashi recipe were sidelined by my inability to stand on two feet. That meant we spent Friday night at the walk-in, where I was gifted with crutches and an ankle brace.

Saturday, I learned why one ought never grocery shop on crutches. I think my arms hurt more than my ankle.

Sunday, I did in fact give the mochi recipe a try... When Maki suggests you have a kitchen scale, it's sage advice. Because when mochi fails, it fails completely. I used three separate conversion widgets to try to get the proportions right, and that obviously didn't work. I also used a pot (I was smart enough to use non-stick!) on the stovetop to do the cooking phase, and I almost broke two spoons and my wrists trying to stir it. ...even though it never really did get to that clean-the-sides-ball stage. As a result, the kneading section...we never really got past that, because the dough was too loose to knead properly. I also think that I turned it out too hot, too, because was definitely sticking like mad to the plastic wrap.

So far, it's been Mochi 2, Holly 0 around here. I think I'll wait until I get a kitchen scale to brave that one again.

I did make some white chocolate & Bailey's cupcakes on Sunday (to soothe my pride), and they're pretty delish, but I need to find a better way to add the Bailey's to the icing--a mere two tablespoons still makes the icing taste kind of boozy, rather than just imparting the flavor of the Irish cream. Perhaps some sort of cooked icing next time for that one.

I used Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder in the icing, too, and it's a very gray-toned brown, because the cocoa is so dark, so it didn't photograph well. (Don't judge me--I'm a Pennsylvania girl, and I hold a very special place in my heart and my cupboard for Hershey's chocolate.)

So, alas, this is a pictureless post, but fear not--I've two bentos waiting for debut (or Godot--can one truly know?) from Monday and Tuesday morning.

But for discussion's sake--what was your most epic culinary fail? You're with friends here. It's okay. Share.


Laura said...

You did NOT make a Beckett joke in your blog o' shiny and joy. 0_0

Holly said...

Oh, Beckett's a good time! Nothing says cute lunch like existential crisis!