14 August 2008

Snack Bento!

Today, apparently, we'll be getting lunch at work (one of my coworkers' birthday is today, and her mum is ordering pizza for everyone, so that's spiffy). That said, not to look gift horses in their minty-fresh mouths, I'm not a huge fan of the place that's delivering the pizza (now that I live somewhere where you can get really good pizza, I'm not sure why the mediocre pizza still thrives...but, even when pizza's not that great, it's still pretty good), and my body's kind of gotten used to having fruits and veg. I can tell when the weekend hits and I have no bento--I get all sluggish and a little grumpus (but usually don't do anything about it because, well, it's just not the same when they're not all lunch-prettied). So, I made a wee snack bento.

I used the 320 mL Happy Balloon box (lots of people have this one--it's a great size!), and crammed it full of cucumber rounds (with carrot accents), carrots (more hiding under the cucumber, broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and half a plum.

In the mornings, I also make a "you have no food in your food" box for my husband (whose idea of lunch = ham sandwich and chips), and I use a 400 mL Lock & Lock box for that. It generally has the same produce in it as mine, just arranged with less...purposeful cute. I try to make it pleasant looking, but I really do struggle with filling a deeper box. Even this little box has me scrambling a little to think of ways to use the depth. If I were going to do a savory dish in this kind of box, it would be great for chirashizushi or something like that--where one tops rice with something--but I've not yet done that.

Side notes: the lid of this box says "The life which bounced," and I love that. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm pretty sure it's a good thing to have

Sock news: started the heel flap last night. Yay!

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