06 August 2008

Three Years!

No, not three years knitting or three years bentoing (which are more like 20 years--dear Lord, that's the first time I put that in print and it looks vast and terrifying--and four months, respectively), but three years married. Heavens. (But it's going really well! ♥!) ...all of this makes me sound, I think, much older than I am. Let me disclaim: I'm only 26. But still.

I wish I'd done a little more with the day's bento, since it is a special occasion, but the freezer stash is a little bare in the rice department, actually. Hopefully this weekend will give me a chance to restock, because last night, I made a new bento staple! I made a (bastardized, cheating) version of Closet Cooking's Kare Pan, and wow. I'm totally sold. I made his kare recipe (linked at the bottom of the Kare Pan page) on Saturday--pretty much so I could make the curry bread, actually. I did cheat, though, because I didn't have another day to sacrifice to the kitchen--I used a package of Pillsbury Dinner Rolls dough for my bread dough, and fried as directed. Delicious. I will say, though, that when I do it again, I will (ideally) make the dough from scratch or at least use prepackaged dough in loaf form, because the rolls leave you with long strips of dough that were a bit of a pain to work with (so many extra edges to seal, and that was the hardest part).

I froze the leftovers (and it was very hard to have leftovers, but I prevailed) wrapped in foil and bagged in a freezer bag, then reheated/recrisped two for my bento in the toaster oven this morning. Thawing them in the box would likely leave one with a soggy, gross mess.

They're in the sidecar box with broccoli florets and blueberries. In the green box, I have carrots & edamame, 3 mini onigiri (brown rice and regular) with nori hearts, strawberries, blueberries, a sectioned plum, and a single sunsugar tomato from the garden.

While I like that I could separate the crispy kare pan from the more moist rice (so it has a better chance of staying crisp), I admit to having a hard time packing these deeper, single-layer boxes. You can see the gap between food and lid--filling these boxes takes a little more planning in terms of what I'm actually bringing (which might mean deciding that before half of the food is in the box). I might also start making rice shapes that are just for these boxes--ones that are thicker, or completely rounded, etc.

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