13 August 2008

Two Bentos

Today's is much more exciting than yesterday's which definitely didn't merit its own post. I'm tacking it on here only so it doesn't feel left out.

Today's bento features inarizushi with a lot more edamame than I meant to make. (Do you ever do that? Adding the pretty pods to the boiling water, and that doesn't look like enough, and that doesn't look like enough, and then the bag tips a little too far, and suddenly you've got a wicked lot of soybeans to contend with... I think this is a direct result of trying to cook before seven a.m.) Top tier has broccoli, a teensy radish slice, cherry & sunsugar tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, manchego and dried fig slices, carrot dividers, and the world's tiniest piece of cake. The cake, actually, is the same batter/filling/icing as my Appa Cupcakes, but I had a little bit more batter at the end of baking than would fill a whole cupcake paper, so I decided to play with my miniature cake tin instead. Oh, tiny cakes, how I would love to have an excuse to make and decorate one every day. But, of course, it's really hard to make cake batter that only fills one four-inch pan, ne?

Yesterday's bento was a brown sugar & cinnamon miniature bagel, spread with peanut butter and waiting for the honey in the Stitch container, accompanied by a riot of the usual fruits & veg: strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes. Not exciting, but definitely solidly tasty.

In knitting news, I'm almost done with the leg pattern repeats on my first Monkey sock (and they really have nothing to do with monkeys, which is a little baffling, but the pattern is so good I won't fault it for that). So close to done, I think I'll print out the heel/foot/toe directions, because hopefully I'll hit that stuff during lunch break.

I should definitely read for my last comprehensive exam on lunch break, but that's just really not as much fun as I think it should be. Also, it's hard to concentrate in the staff building. Yes. I'll knit instead.

(You see how hard I had to twist my own arm there?)

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