10 August 2008

...with actual knitting content! (and best breakfast ever)

After starting the same sock (without a proper pattern) a dozen times and frogging it because I lost my place or forgot how many increases I did at the toe, I scrapped the whole project and started a new set of socks for my mom. (This was because I was ambushed by some beautiful yarn at my LYS--Jojoland Melody--100% superwash merino--when I was not supposed to be buying yarn for myself...but this isn't for myself, it's for my mom, so it's okay, right?)

I'm using Cookie A.'s Monkey pattern, and I love it. The lace pattern is easy enough to work on in the car, the knitting is both interesting and fast (after two repeats of the lace motif, anyway), and the yarn is lovely--not splitty, plenty soft, a ridiculously pleasing shade of subtly shifting blue and green...it's really enjoyable.

Also, this morning I decided to try making crepes for the first time, kind of as a belated breakfast-in-bed for the anniversary and to show off some of the most ridiculously pretty blackberries ever. I used Kevin's crepe recipe because it's a very good breakfast-for-two size (makes four 7-inch crepes), and was so very, very happy with the results. In truth, I expected a bit of disaster, because, as they say, the first crepe is for the dog. However. I have no dog (alas!), and the first crepe came out just fine!

I do have to work on cooking each side of the crepe to the same shade--they all had one golden side, one pale, but were still very tasty. They're filled with a mix of blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries sitting on a thin layer of dulce de leche, and that's what you see drizzled over the top, too.

I make my dulce de leche by boiling cans of sweetened condensed milk (keeping the can well-covered with boiling water) for a very long time. For this consistency (it would make a good filling for a tart or cupcake, but is not stiff enough to pipe), I think the can was boiling around 4 hours. So it's an undertaking, but so, so worth it. And also very cheap, if you've ever looked at purchasing dulce de leche in the store. I'll be making some cupcakes later to use more of it.

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Kevin said...

Your crepes look like they turned out really well!