01 August 2008


Through some delightful twist of fate, my July 4th bento has been shortlisted in Bento Pet's Bento Competition! That's super-exciting, because there are so many gorgeous entries. Check out the poll (on Bento Pet's sidebar) and vote for your favorite!

But, long time, no see around here! I was on vacation for ten days at the end of the month, so there were no bentos then (alas!), but I am home now and my work schedule has re
stabilized, so I will hopefully be back in action, bento-wise soon.

In the meantime, have one I made right before vacation!
In the lid, we have honey/sesame granola bar, soy fish, nori strip for onigiri, and candies. In the top tier, we have edamame and carrots, grapes, broccoli, and blueberries. In the bottom tier, bonito flake onigiri with nori decorations, more carrots, and teriyaki chicken.

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Kevin said...

Nice picture on the rice.