22 September 2008

DIY One-Serving Microwave Popcorn

I'm as susceptible as the next person to the lure of popcorn, but the pre-packaged microwaved stuff just chafes at me in terms of price/quantity/the fact that the "100 Calorie" packs of Kettle Corn have bleeding fake sugar in them. (I am absolutely in favor of requiring all things with artificial sweeteners--and no, Splenda, you are not exempt because you're "made from" sugar--to be labeled across the front in big, bright labels, that such is the case.) (I can live and let live with a lot of things, but...man. Me and fake sugar = pistols at dawn all the way.)

So. I found me an internet tutorial (as y'do), the necessary supplies, and I did science to my popcorns. I followed the tutorial under the following conditions:

--I used a cappuchino-style mug, so as to have more room for tasty goodness
--I used peanut oil (just FYI)
--I lived dangerously and put both salt and sugar on the unpopped kernels (this worked okay, though maybe if I were feeling more ambitious, next time I would cook the sugar with a little butter/oil first, so it dissolves, because the sugar grains really mostly stuck to the sides of the mug, but then I could just rub the kernels over it as I ate, so it worked, sort of)
--Do make sure all four corners of your paper towel are battened down so that you don't have escapees

But: success! Tasty, smart-quantity snack. Give it a try! I'll be experimenting with seasonings and oils as life allows--I'm thinking I have to try a smidge of sesame oil in there, maybe with five-spice.

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