08 September 2008

I live!

Well. Sort of, I guess. Exam is finished. Now just the nail-biting and nausea until I find out the result (and I have no idea how long that will be). But below you can see the kind of carnage that my desk area was at the end of the draft. ...I wish I could say it didn't still look like that, but then I'd be lying.
Couple of bentos to post, though, from last week. Nothing spectacular, but they got me through the end of the week. Friday's was actually quite tasty, and I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of it.

Bento below is today's bento: sunflower seed bagel pieces and tahini to dip them in, carrots, sunsugar tomatoes (honestly, the garden keeps giving them, so I'll keep eating them), snow peas, dried plum/fig/date trio, and two candies.

This was Thursday's. ...Thursday was kind of a failure as a day, all the way around, but the mango and the avocado maki helped. Also some carrot maki, carrots, sunsugar tomatoes, dried plums, a little bite of brownie, and a cup of chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and cashews.And Wednesday's bento was a group of successes and failures. Success: the carrot log-cabin-style corral I was building. Failure: too many edamame , and one side of it collapsed, and it's no longer pretty. Success: sesame seed star designs on the onigiri. Failure: being fairly sick of broccoli, but still having it in my lunch. And the meat is from 3 barbeque chicken wings, so that was good.

My Vigdis is actually paddling along--I just need to put on the collar, the other button band (with button holes...alas), get some buttons, and hope it's not as sack-like as it seems when looking down at oneself. Really. It looks ginormous. But it is supposed to be a cozy snug thing, and I should try it on while I'm wearing real clothing, not pyjamas.

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