26 January 2009

Mm, foods.

But first, knitting content! (I KNOW, RIGHT?)
After a great deal of fighting with camera and the photo itself, I have this picture that almost captures the gorgeous saturation of the yarn, Claudia's Hand-Painted merino sock yarn, in Ocean Depths, which is amazing. These socks are all for me. The pattern is Nutkin, and as the inimitable YarnHarlot has said, it really is a fast pattern. It's taking me forever and a day because I'm knitting a shawl, a pair of gloves, and trying to resist casting on for a tote bag project all at the same time.

I've also done a wee bit of cooking:

Delmonico steaks (new cast-iron grill pan proves its worth--and fills my house with smoke, but that's okay because these were damn tasty) with Boursin and feta twice-baked potato and roasted broccoli, which is my new "this is real food" food love.

The broccoli (when I get more broccoli) may appear in bentos, as it tastes quite nice at room temperature and cooks in the same amount of time that rice does.

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