09 January 2009

Rice and other disasters

I am apparently personally incapable of cooking more than 1/2 cup of rice at a time. Frequently, it's not a problem, as most of the time, I am making rice for the current day's bento and that's it. However, that is largely due to the fact that on the occasion that I might like to make more rice (to create bento freezer stash or with dinner), my rice goes utterly wonky. Usually to the tune of hard in the center and mushy/chalky on the outside. I'm not sure how. I follow the same procedure of rinsing, I add the appropriate amount of water as instructed, and, on the advice of a friend after several failures just letting it cook, fluff the larger quantities of rice (like, a cup or two--not trying to make five cups of rice on the stovetop or anything crazy) to prevent the water from being trapped on the bottom. I have tried different sizes of pots (in case depth is an issue)--all to very little avail.

Can you help me, internets? (My favorite solution involves a sweet fuzzy-logic cooker, but that's a wee bit pricetastic right now.)

...camera is in Ohio. *impatient!*


laytonwoman3rd said...

Don't know what rice-cooking method you're using, but my way is to use a pot that has plenty of room in it so it won't boil over. 2 to 1 proportions of water to rice. Dash of salt, or more depending on taste and amount of rice. Bring to a boil, stir well. Turn heat down, cover pot. Live it alone for 12 minutes. Remove from all heat source. (If you cook with gas, you can just turn it off.) Let sit another 12-15 minutes. Then fluff. I don't guarantee this ALWAYS turns out perfectly...I think it depends somewhat on atmospheric conditions. (No, really.) If this is already what you're doing, never mind me. I also sometimes put a pebble of butter in it once it boils. This helps keep it from boiling over, but of course it affects the taste and texture, and may not be appropriate for bento.

laytonwoman3rd said...

"LEAVE it alone" is what I meant. But you knew that.