08 January 2009

Still camera-less

Apparently, just because you check the UPS tracking information for your package every eleven seconds doesn't mean it changes. But come on! Camera, according to data, has been sitting on its duff in Nevada since the fifth! And I actually made a passably cute lunch today, but couldn't play the photog for it.

Because I'm a little desperate to have something useful to say, let me tell you about it, and you can visualize something far prettier than what I actually ended up with. Well. Have the highlights, anyway, one of which was the fact that I had a jicama giraffe. With carrot spots. My mother-in-law got me a boatload of adorable wee cookie/aspic cutters for Christmas, and so I had to try them out. I also had some gjetost triangles. This stuff is like heaven to me, and I would dearly love to try making it some day.

As a by-product of making gyoza for New Year's Eve (because I always have more filling than wrappers), I also had some wee chicken mini-burgers (a la Just Bento) to make, so they got sauced with some teriyaki and plunked in beside my rice, too.

But the thing that makes me super-excited, and the thing that will probably lead to my financial downfall, are Meiji Panda Cookies. My mother-in-law got me a box (before I had been blissfully ignorant of them) while she was visiting with her other son in Portland, and they're delicious. Small and crispy and full of rich chocolate creme that is so simply good it's probably made of pandas and bits of rainforest and unicorn horn (even though the ingredients list isn't too traumatizing, actually). I ate one this morning to make sure I wanted to put it in my lunch as my "dessert," and then I packed two, and then I shoved the box in the cupboard while threatening my hands with the rolling pin if they touched the cupboard again today.

...it's not really that I have any real problems with eating a whole (admittedly very small) box of cookies. It's more the fact that they are kind of a precious commodity--in the grocery stores around here (the Asian specialty stores and Wegmania), they clock in at about $4-5 a package. That's a wee bit too bloody much, really. ...however, a quick Googling just found me AsianFoodGrocer.com which promises them at slightly less than a dollar. I might be doomed.

Right, then. None of this is very much fun without anything to look at, is it? That will change soon, I hope. Unless someone eats my camera en route. I would be terribly cross. (Especially since it's bringing me a Dorrie Greenspan cookbook, too!)

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