03 January 2009

Where'd it go, the time that I had?

School, that's where.

Also, blogging isn't much fun without a functioning camera, and that's also where I've been. The old Canon A80 gave up the ghost (or displayed the ghost, depending--there were a lot of mysterious lines and blurs and inexplicable Dark Spots on all pictures for the last few months), so I'm waiting for a Canon Powershot A590IS to arrive from the good folks at Amazon.

The holidays brought with them a great deal of cooking and knitting, of which there are no photos. Thrilling, no?

But the short list of important milestones, blogwise-speaking:

Finished Cookie A.'s Monkey Socks for my mother and knit Easy Drop-Stitch Scarf for my sister-in-law from the most delicious yarn I've ever worked with, a 50/50 merino/silk from Steam Valley Fibers (purchased at Rhinebeck). It was a variegated red and black (which I'd never really seen in a yarn), and so soft and silky...well. Let's just say I liked it a lot. And would sell my firstborn for a chance to work with it again.

Also, as y'do when you get a little bit of leisure, I started the Pacific Waves shawl that I am knitting for a friend, and the Nutkin socks, because I finally got my paws on some Claudia's handpainted sock yarn, and it is glorious.

Made a vast array of things. Did a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, as I had my parents to feed that day, and I made my butternut squash soup (which I love to bits and pieces) for them. I also made Cranberry Dinner Rolls from Baking Bites (one of my absolute favorites, food-blogwise-speaking), and a molassess and ginger pumpkin tart from Epicurious.

For Christmas gifting, I made chocolate truffles and the best fleur-de-sel caramels I've ever had. There were also three batches of marshmallows (two vanilla, one mint), four kinds of spiced nuts, cookies, and a tiramisu-inspired birthday cake for a friend.

And if only there were photos of any of it. Alas.

I shouldn't be anywhere near food right now, either, as I rather have the plague at the moment. But I do so want to make some ice cream in my new ice cream maker attachment for ye olde Kitchenaid mixer. I'm working on deciding what kind. ...and if I eat it all myself, I won't get anyone else sick, right?

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laytonwoman3rd said...

U haz a Kitchenaid? With ICE CREAM attachment? I hatz u. Or I would, if you hadn't gifted me with OMG caramels and marshmallows that are the best candy I have ever eaten in my life.