14 February 2009

Knitting Content! (and the usual bento stuff)

FINALLY. A finished object with a photo! Well, rather, a pair of objects, as one mitten (regretfully) does little for many of us. Unless you happen to be a pirate with a proper hook, in which case one mitten is likely all you need. I am not married to a pirate (avec hook or otherwise), and so I made him two mittens for Valentine's Day!I started with Laura Kasian's Basic Cabled Mittens pattern and turned left at Albuquerque and kept going. I owe a great debt to the pattern for shaping and proportions, and I switched out the three 4-stitch short cables for one larger six-stitch.They're knit in Berrocco Cuzco, which is fantabulous, held double, so that they will be the warmest mittens ever, because we are having the coldest winter ever here in the land of the lost. I got it at the always-a-pleasure Spin A Yarn on Mitchell Ave. (I think it is Very Important that the yarn store is so close to the hospital. ...if I had been thinking clearly, when I was having my overnight stay last February, I would have sent my husband there, first, instead of home to get me some nice pyjama pants.)

Ravel Them.

And then there are two days of bento action, both featuring that short-grain sweet brown rice I found, which is definitely a success. It takes about an hour to use it for bento (50 minutes of cooking, 10 minutes of resting, plus however long it takes you to fuss it into the shape you like, which could be twenty minutes for me), but if speed is not your intent (and it never is with me), you can do all the other assembly work while it's cooking. ...and also shower, do some dishes, pack up your belongings and necessities for the day... Hence, I didn't find the long cooking time to really be a problem. And, of course, if it is a little problematical for you, just make a bunch at once and freeze (which is what I did with half of the rice, and used it in Friday's lunch).

Onigiri wrapped in nori, carrots, dried apricots, dried figs, almonds, and panda cookies with a bit of soy sauce in le fish. The sweet brown rice was super-tasty--just a wee hint of nuttiness that still played well with the seasoned vinegar (because I make all of my onigiri with sushi rice).

Friday's bento contained brown rice onigiri with nori and shiso furikake. The shiso furikake bleeds a very pretty shade of intense fuschia, and someday I will actually do something with that interesting property, but I only use it in small amounts because it contains MSG and that can sometimes play merry hell with my stomach. It's tasty, though. It's accompanied by more (toaster)oven-roasted broccoli (this time with olive oil, chili flakes, dried orange peel, and garlic--delicious) and sweet chili-sauce glazed chicken.
Bottom tier contains pez de soy sauce, carrots, cheese spears, dried apricots, dried cranberries, and grapefruit sections. I tried to brulee my grapefruit (sprinkle it with a bit of sugar and zap under the broiler), but my toaster oven's broiler isn't beefy enough to do it, and my gas oven's broiler would probably destroy the silicone cup (a chance I don't really want to take). Grapefruit still tasty, though.

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