09 February 2009

A Proper Bento

Finally, I got it together enough to make a real bento for the day! I think it was fueled by my vast new love for Thai sweet chili sauce. The bottom tier holds mini chicken burgers, glazed with Thai sweet chili sauce, sitting on sushi rice rounds. That's accompanied by (toaster)oven-roasted broccoli. In the top tier, there is kiwi, carrot rounds, a little red silicon cup of cheese bits, and the green cup holds a mix of pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries, and dried figs.

On the way home today, I also stopped at the new health-food store (...which may have been the first time I'd ever been in such a thing), and I scored some sweet brown rice, which claims to behave in the same way that sushi rice does, but with more Nutritional Value. It does take 50 minutes to cook, but I'm really not a speed-bento person, so that's not so bad. I snagged some dried apricots, and some almond flour. I have a yen to try my hand at macarons, because they are all over the blogosphere, and they look beautiful and also delicious.

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