04 February 2009

Quick Bentos

Just two bentos that are mostly snack-based, since I have different on-campus hours this semester. I'm attempting a bit of an experiment for the next few days--seeing if I can keep from the crazy blood-sugar fluctuations that cause nap attacks and general bleeergh.

So, today saw: grapes, carrots, snow peas, a dried fig, almonds, and assorted cheese bits. Well. The golden brown ones are bits of gjetost, but I cannot for the life of me remember the paler cheese's name, and I threw away the wrapper. It came from Wegman's, had a green wax rind, and I swear it was a buttery Norwegian cheese that was not Jarlsberg. So. If anyone can shed some light on my idiocy, that would be grand.

Then there is the pedestrian peanut butter and jelly, made a bit more exciting with almonds and dried cranberries. There's carrots, snow peas, and two homemade chocolate caramels.

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